Top 6 Taboos In WE88 Casino Live Dealer Games

Top 6 Taboos In WE88 Casino Live Dealer Games

If you are an active player in WE88 casino platform, this is an important article for you!

We all want to have a fair and enjoyable time when it comes to gambling online, especially at Malaysia’s leading WE88 Casino.

To ensure you have a fantastic gaming session, avoid these six significant taboos applied in most live dealer games found on the site.

Read further on as we will provide more insights into this issue!


1) Don’t be rude to the We88 casino dealer – remember, they are the one in charge

When you start to bet in the We88 casino, it’s important to remember that the dealer is the one in charge.

Even if the cards aren’t falling in your favor, it’s crucial to keep your cool and avoid taking your frustrations out on them.

Being rude or disrespectful can not only ruin your gaming experience but also impact the overall atmosphere of the casino for others.

So, take a deep breath and remember that the dealer is just doing their job.

Treat them with kindness and respect, and who knows – they might just bring you some good luck at the later stage.


2) Don’t split pairs when playing blackjack in We88 casino – it weakens your odds of winning

If you’re looking to win big at blackjack in We88 casino, one important piece of advice is to never split pairs.

It may seem like a smart move, but in reality, it actually weakens your overall winning odds.

Instead, focus on solid blackjack strategy and maximizing your potential with each hand.

By staying patient and playing each hand strategically, you’ll give yourself the best chance of coming out on top at the blackjack tables in We88 casino.

Don’t let split pairs ruin your game, follow these tips and increase your odds of hitting a major payout.


3) Don’t make side bets while playing baccarat in WE88 casino

When it comes to playing baccarat at the WE88 live casino, it’s important to remember one crucial piece of advice: do not make side bets.

While the allure of these bets may be tempting, they can ultimately end up hurting your overall potential winnings.

Side bets are seen as risky and often have higher house edges, which means you’re more likely to lose money in the long run.

Instead, focus on the standard bets and trust in your own strategy.

By avoiding side bets, you’ll increase your winning chances and hit the winning streak easily.


4) Don’t leave the game for too long

The rush of excitement that comes with a night of gambling at the WE88 casino is an experience like no other.

As a player, it’s important to keep the game moving smoothly and efficiently.

Sitting out for too long can completely disrupt the flow of the game, leaving other players feeling frustrated and impatient.

Whether you need to step away for a quick break or make a phone call, be sure to keep your absence as brief as possible.

The last thing you want is for a slow game pace to put a damper on everyone’s fun and excitement.

So, keep the game moving and enjoy a night of unforgettable gaming at WE88 casino!


5) Avoid online chatting to other players about their hands during a game

At WE88 live casino, fair play is important in order to make sure everyone has an equal chance to win.

That’s why players should not chat with each other about their hands during a game.

This might seem harmless, but it’s actually considered cheating and can result in getting kicked out of the casino.

Similar to Judikiss88, the casino platform want players to enjoy the excitement and thrills of online gambling in a safe and fair environment.

So remember, keep your online chats friendly and fun, but avoid any discussion about the cards in play!


6) Don’t use AI to help you play on behalf in WE88 live dealer games

When it comes to playing live dealer games, it’s important to have a strategy that works for you.

Some might be tempted to use AI or other technology to aid in their gameplay, but this could actually do more harm than good.

By relying on a machine to make decisions for you, you could miss out on the excitement and spontaneity that makes live dealer games so thrilling.

Plus, there’s always the risk that the AI won’t make the best decision, leaving you with a loss instead of a win.

So, next time you’re itching to play a round of WE88 live dealer games, stick to your own intuition and expertise instead of relying on a machine to guide you.



Playing in WE88 live casino is always a fun experience for majority of the players.

In fact, many players are able to win consistently & big during most of the time.

The key point is to avoid the six taboos above at any time when betting in the platform.

This also applies effectively when you bet in other live casino platforms such as Mega888, Newtown live casinoMantap88.

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