How To Beat Live Dealer Judikiss88 App Live Casino Games

How To Beat Live Dealer Judikiss88 App Live Casino Games⚡

It is currently the season of fortune and celebrations everywhere.

Because of this, everyone all over the world hopes to be able to spread this fortune to everyone else.

One of the ways you can do this is by online gambling. Online gambling is the current trend that is taking the world by surprise.

Because of this, more and more people are also joining the bandwagon every single day.

There are so many different types and forms of online casino games that you can play.

It would be almost as if you are playing at a real casino.

However, the only main difference would be that you are playing in the comfort of your own home.

You can even choose your own preferred device to play on.

You can choose between playing on Android, iOS devices, or any type of pc or laptop.

For the rest of the article, we will mainly be talking about the Judikiss88 app, and all of the live casino games they have to offer.


A short introduction to Judikiss88 App

Judikiss88 began and prides itself as a niche little online casino.

This Judikiss88 casino is available to all players in Malaysia.

Players from all over Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore are keen on using this online casino because of multiple different reasons.

Judikiss88 app is often compared to Judikiss918.

One of the main reasons why it has been gaining lots of popularity and traction is because of the e-wallet services that they provide.

For example, you can use the mamak24 e-wallet and the my918bet e-wallet to top up in-game credits.

This is a plus point for more players.

The main reason for this is that you can often get extra bonuses and rewards when they use e-wallet services.

You can also gain free credits and spins by using the e-wallet.


How do I log in to the Judikiss88 App?

For you to log in to the Judkiss88 app, you will first need your own login ID.

If you already own your own ID and password, you can simply log in, and proceed to play any online casino games that you wish.

However, if you do not own an ID and this is your first time using this online casino, simply follow the steps below.

By doing so, you will be able to create your own account very quickly and very easily.

  1. Download the official Judikiss88 app, on whichever device you wish to play the game on.
  2. Visit the Judikiss88 app official website. There, a live chat feature will be available 24/7 for all players.
  3. You will need to access the live chat. Once the live agent responds to you, you will then need to inform the live agent that you wish to create a judikiss88 app account.
  4. After that, they will ask you to choose a User ID. They will also ask for an amount of deposit that you wish to convert into game credits.
  5. Once the above is completed, they will hand over your account to you, including a set password.
  6. They will then ask you to log in for the first time. You will also receive a welcome bonus.
  7. After claiming the welcome bonus, you will be asked to change the password. Do remember to choose a safe password so you will not get hacked or scammed.

After you follow all of these steps, you will successfully create an account.

Occasionally, you can even use your mamk24 login, bonus888 login, or your login in order to log in to the Judikis88 app.


How to Beat Live Dealer Judikiss88 App Live Casino Games?

So, what are some of the strategies for winning live casino games? Live casino games are exceptionally tricky on their own.

However, it becomes so much more difficult when you add in a live dealer.

The main reason for this is that the Live Dealer will be able to play as how you do.

So here are a few tips for you in order to beat, and win against the live dealer.

1) Choose to start with a bet that is low

    • When dealing with the live dealer, you should always start with a low bet. The main reason is so that even when you lose, you will not be losing too much money.
    • This is also a good time to study your live dealer and learn their strategies.

2) Play all of your dealings one at a time

    • Do not get too excited when you have a good play. Keep calm, and play your cards one at a time.
    • This is so that you can always make changes to your strategy if you need to in order to win.

3) Use the online live casino feature

    • The Judikiss88 app offers a live casino feature. This feature will broadcast other players playing live casino games.
    • Keen and experienced players will use this opportunity in order to learn the rules of the game.
    • This is also a good chance and opportunity to find loopholes, strategies, and different ways to play the game.

4) Try to stick to the same live dealer

    • If possible, try sticking to one same live dealers.
    • This is because you would already learn how the live dealer would operate.
    • By sticking to the same dealer, you would be able to quickly and very efficiently beat them at their own game.



All in all, the Judikiss88 app is one of the best online casino games.

Judikiss88 app also has one of the best live dealer casino games.

So if you are interested, do give it a try. You may even be able to win so many jackpots if you follow all of the tips here!

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