2023 Judikiss918 E-Wallet User Guide For Android & iPhone Player

2023 Judikiss918 E-Wallet User Guide For Android & iPhone Player

Judikiss918 is one of the greatest Malaysia Online Casinos that you can find online.

Judikiss918 casino is an online casino platform that contains different types of slot games.

The betting site includes slots, live casinos, lottery, and fishing.

Apart from the games available, it has another good feature, which is accepting e-wallet payments.

The other online casinos also contain this feature.

For example, Judikiss918, Bonus888, Judiking88, Manu888 and Mega888.

Players have the opportunity to utilize one of a few different options for e-Wallet.

Some of these options include Touch ‘n Go, DuitNow, ecoPayz, GrabPay, Hoh999 ewallet, and Boost.

This feature provides convenience for the players to draw money and bet without going to the bank.

It is also easy for the players to draw out their money whenever they want to quit playing.

Despite this convenience, it also complicates a fraction of players, especially players who only play traditional and physical casinos.

Hence, this feature might complicate their lives and they might want to quit having fun from Judikiss918.

Players would like to know the step-by-step guideline in order to be familiar with the e-wallet setting in Judikiss918.

Then, you will be having a great experience playing all the different online casino games in Judikiss918.


Step-by-Step Guide to Casino E-Wallet Deposit and Withdrawals For Android and iPhone Players

If you want to know the way to use an e-wallet effectively, you need to be clear about the steps.

After you read this, you are able to open an e-wallet account.

Then, you would know how to transfer money to it and from it.

Judikiss918 accepts different types of e-wallets and you can find the options in the app.

We will now brief you on the step-by-step guide.

Step One- Open a Judikiss918 E-Wallet Account

The first and basic step is you need to open a Judikisss918 e-wallet account with your chosen provider.

The provider is within your choices, and you can find these choices in the app.

This step requires you to enter a few basic pieces of information in the Judikiss918 login platform.

You can register the account free without paying any charges.

 Step Two- Fund Your Judikiss918 E-Wallet Account

The second step requires you to add money to your e-wallet account.

You can do this in a variety of ways, such as through a fund transfer from your bank.

However, it is important for you to note the fees that are associated with such transactions.

Different payment methods charge different fees for e-wallet funding and transactions.

Step Three- Select your E-Wallet Casino Site

After you fund your e-wallet account, you can start to open the online casino app, which is Judikiss918.

You can visit the online casino app and complete the registration process to open an account.

This would only take several minutes for you to complete the process.

Step Four- Fund Your Casino Account

You can select your e-wallet as the preferred option through the cashier page of the online casino.

You can view the different types of e-wallet options available in the preferred option section on the page.

Furthermore, the page also displays the minimums and maximums as well.

Then, you can enter an amount to transfer from your e-wallet to your casino account.

After clicking the deposit button, you will be able to view your e-wallet account.

Then, you need to enter your username and password for the e-wallet before confirming any transactions.

Step Five- How to Withdraw Your Funds to Your Judikiss918 E-Wallet

When you are ready to make a withdrawal from Judikiss918, you can visit the cashier once again.

When you enter the page, you are able to view the Withdraw option.

Click it.

You can only withdraw through an e-wallet if you have chosen to deposit with it at the start.

Furthermore, you cannot use a different e-wallet to withdraw from the one that you deposit in the first place.

Enter the amount that you would like to withdraw.

Then, click Continue to enter your e-wallet details again.

Step Six- How to Withdraw from Judikiss918 E-Wallet to your bank

If you want to take the money out of your e-wallet account, you need to request this from your respective e-wallet.

Different types of e-wallets support different withdrawal options.

Some e-wallets might now allow users to withdraw their money once they have deposited it in their respective e-wallet.

Hence, you will need to be clear about the terms and conditions for every e-wallet.

Some e-wallets might have their own transaction fees that you need to take note of as well.

Then, you can confirm the withdrawal of funds and you would be able to receive the funds instantly.



You should be informed that e-wallets exist in online casinos. This feature provides convenience for all the players.

We hope this step-by-step guide helps you to ease your experience in playing Judikiss918.

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