How To Start Playing In Judikiss918 Live Blackjack

How To Start Playing In Judikiss918 Live BlackJack

Judikiss918 is one of the most well-known live casinos Malaysia. They offer tons of great games, amazing rewards and quick payment transactions. Beyond that, you will have a different experience playing online casinos if you are a beginner.

Similar to Mega888 online casino, this online casino is known for its safety and security of the players’ money.

Players who love colorful and mind-blowing interfaces can always go to Judikiss918 for a different level of comfort zone.

The main reason why players prefer this online gambling site is for bonuses and rewards.

They are well known for their fair play rewards to their players. It is also known for its generous payouts. Judikiss918 also give away free cash which makes the players so addictive.

Though there are high chances of you losing your money, there surely will be a profit available to you.

As a starter pack, they provide the first deposit bonus, starter pack, slot bonus, card game bonus and fishing game rebate. Isn’t this awesome?

The player often enjoys these bonuses and has been loyal to this platform for years.

As a token of appreciation, they also provide free bonuses for those who want to try out their games and it’s absolutely for free.

For those beginners who doesn’t have any idea about online casino, this is a lifetime chance to explore the whole new world of online casinos.

To deposit into the account is pretty easy as it uses local banks for transactions. JudiKiss918 casino offers other channels to transfer funds.

The best part is that you are also able to use your debit card or credit card to deposit into your account. Totally hassle-free for all the players.


How to Start To Play in Judikiss918 Live BlackJack

Before you can start to play Blackjack in Judikiss918 you need to make sure to create an account and login in before venturing further to play games.

Always learn the cards first

Always learn the cards first before you can make your move or plan a strategy.

Each card represents its own community.

There is a total of 52 cards divided into four different suits which are clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades.

Spades and clubs are in black color while diamonds and hearts are red in color. A traditional deck has 13 ranks and each suite has one card per each rank.

The first card is the ace (A), but it’s not exactly the equivalent of a 1. This card can also be the highest-ranking card of the deck.

The following ten cards form a string from two (2) to ten (10/T), while the last three are the Jack (J), Queen (Q), and King (K).

These last three cards are the face cards.

Follow the rules

There are always rules when it comes to cards. When you play in this game, you always play against the live blackjack dealer.

Remember for Blackjack only two hands are in play. The players’ hands versus the dealers’ hands.

The objective of playing Blackjack

Beat the dealer. This is where the game supposes to end.

You can draw a hand value that is higher than the dealer’s hand value

The dealer should draw a value above 21

Drawing a hand value of 21 on the first two cards when the dealer does not.

How Do You Find a Hand’s Total Value?

2 through 10 counts at face value

Face cards(J,QK) counts as 10

Ace can count as 1 or 11 depending on which value helps the deck

Placing wagers

At the beginning of a round, the first thing you need to do is place a bet in the betting circle. Then the dealer will pass the cards to the.

Each player will have 2 cards, face up, in front of them and the dealer will have one card face up and one face down.

Then it goes in turns to toss the card and save the decks for below 21 numbers.

There are a few ways to play your hand.

Stand:  Your two cards are accepted you can stand and the dealer will move to the next player

Hit: You can request more cards to improve the card value in your hand

Double Down: You can request the additional card and double your initial wager and the dealer will deal you only 1 additional card. As in you don’t have to put up an equal wager to your original wager.

Split:  You can split the two cards so each card will become the first card on two new hands.

Surrender: If you don’t like your cards initially, you can give up your cards and exchange them for half your original bet back.

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Blackjack is very famous among gamblers whether it’s online or at the casino physically.

The easiest way to understand this is that you need to beat the dealer.

Before placing your bets it’s highly suggested to read more about blackjack and learn the game strategy.

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