How To Beat Genting Baccarat Rules

How To Beat Genting Baccarat Rules & Win In The Game

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With that being said, we’ll be discussing the most famous casino in Malaysia, the Genting Casino!

Genting highlands is a well-known tourist attraction, mainly for its cool weather and theme parks.

However, most tourists choose to visit Genting Highlands for one more reason: their Casino!

Genting Casino dress code is fairly simple. No singlets are allowed, and sandals must have ankle straps.

Button up shirts are required to be tucked in. Any clothing worn must not contain any political or offensive slogans.

The Genting Malaysia Minimum bet for 2022 goes as low as RM10, which is for ETG Blackjack. It offers three hands for the low price of RM10!


What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a flashy game of cards, with wide and adjustable restrictions.

The game starts by choosing to either bet on the player or the banker.

Whoever with the points that are close to 9 is eventually the winner.


What are Baccarat rules?

Genting Baccarat rules are fairly simple to follow, as follows:

  1. The value of an Ace is counted as 1
  2. From 2 to 9, cards are all counted as their own face value
  3. Any picture cards (Kings, Queens, Jacks), as well as 10s, is counted as 0.
  4. Any combinations that are equal to 10 will also be counted as 0.
  5. The number of decks used for play can be anywhere between 1 to 8, with the house having the say.
  6. The player and the banker can each draw a maximum of 3 cards.


How do you play Genting Baccarat?

By following the Genting Baccarat rules, the game flows as follows:

  1. The game starts as mentioned above, by choosing to bet on the player or the banker, with only House Chips being used. The gaming table will also show the betting limits.
  2. The house will deal out four cards. The player will receive the first and third card, whereas the banker will receive the second and fourth card.
  3. Following Baccarat rules, both sides may only draw one more card. Player will draw the third card first. The third card drawn by the player will determine the third card drawn by the banker.
  4. No third card will be dealt to either side if they have a ‘Natural’ 8 or 9 in their two cards. Whichever side that has a ‘Natural’ 9 will win automatically.
  5. If the overall value for both the banker and the player are equal, then it becomes a tie-or-draw game. Whichever side the bet is placed on will remain unaffected.
    1. It is possible to place a bet on the tie, which has a pay-out of 8 to 1. If it becomes a no-tie scenario, then the bet on the ‘tie’ will become the losing bet.
  6. There is another option for players to bet on, which is the ‘Player’s Pair’ or the ‘Banker’s Pair’. These bets are dependent on the first two cards that either sides receive. This pay-out is of 11 to 1.
  7. The house keeps a 5% commission for any bets placed on the banker’s side.
  8. The house will also decide whether to deal the cards face up or face down during the game.


How do you beat Genting Baccarat Rules & Win?

So, how exactly do you beat Baccarat and ensure a win? Though it may seem impossible, there are a few tips that players can follow!

  1. Understand the odds of the game.
    1. Baccarat is a simple game! However, you’re pretty much betting blind, and that’s part of the charm of the game. It doesn’t require a strategy, but knowing how the game flows will help with choosing the right person to bet on.
  2. Record the bets that you win.
    1. Genting Baccarat rules state that this game is played over several hands. Recording the bets that you win will help you adopt a pattern to play.
    2. Many winners choose to alternate between following their own pattern, and then switching up the pattern to follow.
  3. Bet with your instinct.
    1. Baccarat is played mostly by instinct. Especially in when playing in online casino, a big tip is to simply trust your gut instinct when betting.
    2. When you bet on the Player and they keep winning, do not simply switch to betting on the banker.
    3. To play the game for a few runs and keep winning, learn to adjust to the flow of the game.
  4. Bet on the banker if you’re unsure.
    1. In traditional Baccarat, it is common to keep betting on the banker until they lose. Although there is no determined strategy for this game, there are still slight possibilities that it may work in favour of the banker.
  5. Determine the amount of money you’re willing to risk losing.
    1. As a game with no strategy, it is very easy to quickly lose money.
    2. A big tip here is to set an amount to play, and to quickly make a move while you’re still on top.
    3. Betting minimums for Baccarat are often high, so plan your finances wisely.



There are so many Online Casino in Malaysia for you to try out! From those, there are tons of games to check out, such as Slot Games Malaysia is popular.

Genting Baccarat rules are strict but common, and anyone playing should have a firm grasp of the rules before they start betting.

Though they are simple to follow, the betting minimum for baccarat genting can be high, thus players must be mindful of the money they could potentially lose.

Baccarat is a game of instinct and guts, and players often bet without thinking twice or without giving much thought.

There isn’t a strategy to follow, so if you’re feeling lucky, give it a shot and you could potentially be a winner!

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