2022 Live Casino Game Malaysia Beginner Guide

Live Casino Game Malaysia- Live Casino Guide for Beginner

Lately, there has been a rise in the popularity of live casino game Malaysia, amongst the online casino trend.

How this works can be quite hard to interpret for beginners, as it takes some knowledge to it.

Fret not, we will help all beginners out with the right go-to tricks and tips.

Besides that, be sure to go through this article as we will also list down all that you need to know for a live casino game Malaysia.

This is definitely the place to be looking at if you’re trying to work out how online blackjack, online poker and other online casino games work.


How to play live casino games Malaysia

The very first step is to create an account, before you can dive into playing live dealer casino games. This will help you to start to play online casino games.

Be sure to include your phone number, email address and home address, along with a deposit limit to complete the account.

Make sure to be responsible when you gamble.

You need to keep in mind on how much you spend, your tine allowance for online games and projected profits.


Types of Live Casino Games

1) Live Roulette

The rules of live roulette are the same as in the real-life casino setting.

The only thing you need to be mindful is about the time limit for placing bets each round.

The dealer will then spin the wheel once this time limit is over.


2) Live Blackjack

It is fair to say that Online blackjack is the most famous ones amongst online casino games. This remains a popular even in real-life.

The main thrill of the game is when you are facing off with the dealer. Thus, in Online blackjack you can still see the dealer when playing.

The rules are the same, you need to beat the dealer’s hand at all costs. Be sure not to exceed going over 21 too.


3) Live Baccarat

This is an easy online casino game Malaysia to pick up on. Feel the thrill of speed and excitement from playing this game.

You can place bets on the player interface. The live dealer will show that the bet is accepted, then cards will be drawn.


4) Live Game Shows 

If you love TV gameshows, then playing online casino games shouldn’t be of any problem to you. There are games like ‘Deal or no Deal’ and Monopoly, which is a family favorite.

There is usually a game show host, and it most follows the TV game show closely. In live game shows, you will be more accessible to bonus rounds and multipliers.


5) Live Poker

Live casino game Malaysia includes live poker, whereby there will be a skilled dealer present. This creates the scenario of a real poker game in the casino.

There are many poker variants, one of the most popular being Texas Hold ‘Em Poker!

Your aim is to beat the dealer’s hand. You can form your own hand through a combination of two cards from the dealer, and options from community cards from the table.


Live Casino Guide for Beginners

Get a reliable live casino

  1. By far, the most crucial step is to realize you are playing for a fair and safe live online casino.
  2. Research can help you prepare in order to join the right one and key in your credit card details.
  3. Reliable online casino will have gambling licenses and other certifications by creditable agencies which can ensure the safety and fairness of its online casino games.


Have proper internet connection with adequate bandwidth

  1. You will need a strong and reliable connection to not encounter any interruptions.
  2. Especially, if you are playing live casino game Malaysia on mobile, it is very crucial that your internet connection is stable.
  3. Instability can happen in wireless connections at any point of time.
  4. In a live casino game Malaysia site, players will expect smooth and flawless gameplay. Therefore, you need to check the requirements and make sure that it is compatible with your device and connection.
  5. This is important so that there will not be any freezing or downtime when you are in the middle of your game.


Stay away from losses

    1. A common mistake amongst online casino game players is following losses.
    2. The whole idea of going to a live casino site is to entertain yourself and cross-fingers, be profitable simultaneously.
    3. You must prepare to face profits and losses end of the day.


Stopping when you need to

    1. As compared to the above, some players are not content enough with their winnings.
    2. In the instance that you had some winnings from live casino games Malaysia but your luck is starting to change, you need to stop before you make more damage or even lose out on your initial budget.


Make use of the pit boss

    1. Live casino game have supervisors, usually called a Pit Boss.
    2. Their function is to ensure everything is under control and in accordance to the rules. They also work on problems that can arise during the games.
    3. If you have suspicions that a dealer has made a mistake, you can ask the Pit Boss to help you out.
    4. In the case that your suspicion turns out right, your bets will be returned and the live casino game Malaysia will end.


Incorporate a good strategy

    1. The best is to use an optimal game strategy to have better chances of winning live casino games Malaysia.
    2. Strategy is important and must be set in mind no matter what game you are about to play.
    3. Placing a good strategy beforehand helps you make winnings, as well as plan your next move in the game.
    4. Certain games require a specific strategy dedicated to different categories instead of one whole strategy.


Understand the live casino etiquette

    1. A live casino game table handles more than one player.
    2. Therefore, it is important to understand the live game etiquette as you might be dealing with other players.
    3. Only accept a seat at the table if you can be certain to pay other players and the dealer with respect and play right away.
    4. It is not acceptable to promote, complain or use foul or abusive language in live casino games.


Time management is important

    1. People can easily be carried away when playing live casino game Malaysia.
    2. You must dedicate specific amount of time to playing, and make sure you follow what has been planned out.
    3. Therefore, once you have earned some winnings, you will be able to leave before you lose it. If you luck is changing, you will also be able to quit before you make losses since there is a dedicated time to play.


Look out for tempting promotions

    1. Live casino game Malaysia usually have promotions for current live games.
    2. Therefore, you are the kind that likes playing roulette, you need to find a site that offers the best bonuses for roulette players.
    3. Such promotions gives you the opportunity to boost your profits and give more higher possibilities on winning.
    4. Be mindful of wagering requirements and bonus terms before trying to claim your bonus.


Enjoy yourself with live casino games Malaysia

    1. The most important thing is to have fun when you are playing online casino games. This live casino guide for beginners can only take you so far.
    2. Do not focus too much on winning or losing.
    3. Be sure to enjoy the overall experience of playing, the excitement and dealing with dealers and the game. You should make this a form of entertainment for yourself!

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