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The Differences Between Live Poker and Online Poker
The Differences Between Live Poker and Online Poker

The Speed of Play

One of the biggest differences between live and online poker is the speed of play.

In live games, you have to wait for other players to make their moves before you can continue with your own turn.

This can be frustrating when you’re playing cash games because it slows down play considerably.

However, it’s a good thing if you’re playing tournaments because it helps keep people from making mistakes due to impatience or boredom (and thus losing).

Limits and Betting Styles

The most obvious difference between live and online poker is the betting style.

In live games, you’ll find yourself in a game with a pre-determined minimum and maximum bet size.

This can vary by casino; sometimes it’s RM5/RM10 or RM10/RM20 (or even higher).

The most common way to bet in an online poker room is no-limit betting.

This means that there are no limits on how much money you can put into the pot at any given time.

The only restriction is that you cannot go all-in without having enough chips on hand to cover whatever bet you’re making.

You have to have enough money in front of you before putting more into play!

Pot Limit games allow players to wager up until they reach their total stack size.

For example: if I had RM1,000 worth of chips available but wanted go all out on one hand against another player who also had RM1,000 worth of chips available.

We could do so because both our stacks would be covered by each other’s bets (and neither would ever run out).

On top of this rule there are other factors such as antes/blinds etc.

The Size of the Player Pool

The size of the player pool will vary depending on the location.

In general, live poker games have more players than online games.

You’ll see anywhere from seven to 35 people playing at a time at most casinos.

This means that you can learn from watching other players and get a better feel for how they play.

But also that there will be more competition for your seat at any given table.

However, if you don’t mind playing against others who are just as new as you are (or even less experienced), then this can be an advantage!

The more people playing in a live game means there’s also more chance that one will break off into smaller groups where they talk strategy or share tips while waiting for cards.

This is something else I love about live poker: it gives me an opportunity to learn things outside my own experience level by talking with other players.

Who know even more than I do about certain aspects of the game.

And maybe even make some friends along the way!

Changing Tables for Different Games

  • The first major difference between live poker and online poker is that you can change tables for different games. In a given day, you could play a few hours of No Limit Hold’em and then switch over to Pot Limit Omaha or Seven Card Stud. You might even decide to change stakes at some point during the day if your bankroll allows it!
  • Another difference is that players can choose which games they want to play in tournaments as well as cash games (or ring games). For example, if there are only two other people at the table who are willing to play seven-card stud but everyone else wants Texas hold ’em. Then those three players will form their own mini-tournament bracket within an already existing tournament structure. Where everyone has paid an entry fee just like any other player would do when entering another event such as Day 1c or Day 2a/b. However once those brackets have been created everyone else gets their money back so long as they don’t bust out before reaching their respective prize pools’ final tables or bubble stages.”
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